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Crossing the Finish Line


The only nutrition program Club eX has stood behind for over 30 years.



Body fat. Subcutaneous fat. Sodium.


Lean muscle.

We create a food plan based on your daily output & oxidative rate.

During our Winning Nutrition program you will have 12 weekly success visits to ensure you are on track with your goals and calorie adjustments.

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"The ClubeX Winning Nutrition program changed my life. I lost 75 pounds on a plan customized for me, without limiting carbs or foods I craved."


Instructor, Nutrition Tech, Personal Trainer, and Sales and Fitness Manager

Meet Lori

Nutrition Tech

My career at ClubeX Fitness & Nutrition began in 1994 when it was then a Gold's Gym. I began as a Sales Manager, and at the time I never expected I would be with the ClubeX team for half my life, yet here I am 29 years later and counting.

I am currently an Instructor, Nutrition Tech, Personal Trainer, and Sales and Fitness Manager. Actually, I do just about everything at the gym and they are truly my second family.

During my first week at the club, Mel Lambert, co-owner, offered to create a nutrition program for me. I was reluctant, but I knew I needed to be healthier and leaner, so my reply was, 
"I'll do it if you can incorporate wine and Cheez-its."


You may laugh at that, but in order to succeed, I knew I needed something that wouldn't limit my carbs and cravings, and was easy enough to follow with four kids to feed at the same time.

The nutrition program changed my life. I lost a total of 75 pounds, and the best part was I was not hungry at all. In fact, I found some days where I couldn't even eat everything on my program, and I still had my wine and Cheez-its!

This amazing life-changing transformation is what led me to want to make a difference in other people's lives; those who are struggling with the same issues I had experienced.


Forget keto and fasting.
Winning Nutrition gives you all the foods you love, and it is individualized for each person. 

I thoroughly enjoy meeting with my clients each week and following their journey alongside them, because I've been there. I know how hard it is to change your habits and lose weight, and I understand how each individual client can be motivated, and how to dust them off when they fall.

Learning how to eat and what to eat changed my life. Now let me change yours.

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Clubex member: $299 
non-Clubex member: $349

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When you book your WINNING NUTRITION program at Clubex:

You will be assigned a tech that best fits your needs and time of day for weekly success visits.

Your personal WN tech will contact you by email with some pre consult requirements to follow so a accurate body composition test can be performed. ( we utilize a Tanita “step on” body composition scale style tester)


Your in Club consult will take approximately 1 hour. We will review your diet history and fill out a questionnaire to construct a plan. 


Your WN tech with then design a meal plan that best fits what the computer recommends based on your body composition and current output.


You will leave with a 7 day planned printout for week 1 and a complimentary bottle of multi vitamins approx 45 day supply. If you currently take any vitamins we encourage you continue and input WN as your multi vitamin. Using our product is not mandatory if you currently take a multi vitamin you are happy with. A multi is a great way to enhance nutrients in your body that you may not digest from some of the foods you eat.

Your 1st success visit will be ideally 1 week from initial consult, during your visit you can discuss food, how you feel, and make adjustments to plan as needed. Every 4/5 weeks a new body composition will be performed to monitor body fat vs lean muscle tissue.


Based on changes in composition your tech may adjust your %’s of food to address your progression.


Your 100% commitment to this program is 100% of your results, if your commitment is in the 50% ratio don’t expect to change! 80-100% is where clients need to be for the duration of the 12 week plan for maximum results. 


At the end of your 12 week journey you will understand how to feed your body for the rest of your life! If you enjoy the plan and being accountable every week you can choose to continue WN success visits for an additional $35 per month added to your membership.

We look forward to meeting you!
Clubex Winning Nutrition Team

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